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Traffic safety is an important issue that affects us all. Crashes on U.S. roadways result in more than 40,000 Fatalities and 2.5 million injuries each year. Research from AAA found that traffic crashes cost U.S. motorists More than  160 billion $  per year in terms of property damages, lost earnings, medical costs, emergency services, Legal costs and travel delays. Pavement markings convey important informationTo drivers about roadway Direction, location of the road centre and edges, presence of passing and no – passing zones , and much more . at night , properly placed and maintained pavement markings are critical for safe driving. driving on rainy nights is a particularly difficult task. roads Become wet and lane lines can virtually “Disappear.” It’s- dangerous too. Drivers are three times More likely to be involved in an accident during rainy or wet road conditions.


Road Master , is using Unique Pigment, it is a particular characteristic of a material class named “smart materials”. These materials transform the input energy into a new form of output energy (photovoltaic, piezoelectric, photoluminescence, electrostriction).According to the definition of “encyclopedia of chemistry technology” smart materials are:“those objects and structures which perceive the ambient effects, examine information and then react to the ambient.The fundamental characteristics of a “smart” material are:* Immediacy, they respond in real time;* They respond to more than one state of the ambient;* Auto-activation, intelligence acts inside the material and not outside* Selectivity, their response is different and predictable;* Uniqueness, they strictly respond to the activator event,This technology allows the transfer of luminescent proprieties to crystal, giving active characteristics to the object, The object becomes then an interactive and multifunctional module with the ambient of the place,  During the phase of releasing the energy absorbed, the light emission is calibrated in function of the adapting curve of human eye, The result is a moderate presence during the night, or a truly lighting signal in case of a sudden black-out.Road Master  Technology has been developed paying maximum attention to safety and to environmental preservation.This technology differs from the other systems because of its constituent characteristics:* The absence of Toxic materials.* The absence of radioactive materials.*ROAD MASTER manufactures high-end Quality products, DIN standards and environmental friendly.*ROAD MASTER offers a self-glowing paint visible in the most difficult conditions, which lasts for 10 hours.* ROAD MASTER offers self-illuminating paints and products for outdoors, charging from UV rays as power Source and indoor charging from any power Light source, conserve the energy and in emergency situation it will emit adequate light for More safer  environment.


 1- Self Luminous Paint For Road  Line Marking (6 Kind).

2- Self Luminous Paint For Road Guardrail .

3- Self Luminous Road stud Markers.

4- Self Luminous Paint For Highway Traffic signs.

5- Self Luminous Paints Products for: tunnels, Subway,

Stations & underground facilities.


6- Self Luminous Paint for concrete Pavements Curbs.

7- Self Luminous Paints For Concrete Road blocks.

8- Self Reflecting Paint, For Road Guardraill, Road Pavement Path curbs.

9- Lighting Columns  For City Elements.

10- Self Luminous Adhesive Stickers .



The Glowing  Thermoplastic Marker Paints, is Absorb Sun Light Even if the sky have Heavy  Clods And Glowing All Night Without Any Power Sources


is Best Choice For All Guardrails And Pavements of street or paths of Highway.




1- Zero of Electric Energy.
2- Using High Solar Panels Tech.
3- Motion Sensor Device.
4- Light Sensor Device.
5- LED Light Without Spot Point.
6- Long Term Battery.

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